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Jeff Woodward

Jeff spent many summers working on Gus' farm as he was growing up. This is where he learned many of the finer points of pig spleen weather forecasting. Jeff and Gus would spend many hours looking at spleens and figuring out if the weather would be hot or cold, wet or dry.

Jeff went to university and earned a Masters degree in Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan. After graduating, he was hired by the competition, Environment Canada, in their water branch. He continued working on his forecasting techniques in his spare time and has shown many at Environment Canada the high level of accuracy that pig spleen forecasting can provide, particularly to the government's forecasts.

After Gus passed away, Jeff took over much of the forecasting that Gus did. His accuracy is improving each year as he gets in tune with his inner Gus. Jeff is married to Sheila and they have two predictors of their own - Joseph and Anna.


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